The day is in the morning of 5th-05-08. All was well and the Head teacher welcomed pupils and the teachers. He reminded everyone that the term would be busy with various activities such as.

a.. Coverage of syllabus
b.. Examinations
c.. Athletics Championships
d.. Music competitions etc.
Pupils and teachers were happy and excited to learn that our school computer has been connected to Internet.

Everyone appreciated and conveyed enormous thanks towards to donation of the computer.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Souleymane Camara who connected the program of computer tutor to the school computer.

Teachers and pupils are now learning computer skills at ease.

We welcome new ideas and comments.

The photo showing the pupils at assembly ground during the opening day and the message was prepared by the Special unit Teacher

Mr. Bernard Kihara.

Kiine Primary School

Kiine primary school is about 120km from Nairobi, in Central Province, Kirinyaga district. It is situated between Sagana town and Karatina town neighboring Kiine Girls secondary school.

At Kiine primary, we have 900 pupils. We have nursery, standard 1 to 8 with three streams for each class.

We also have a Special Unit (or Special Needs) education catering for about 20 pupils with intellectual disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, down syndromes, hyperactives, hearing impairment and other physical disabilities.

Two teacher care for the 20 pupils in the Special Needs Unit and 20 teachers for the primary school.